Strengthen skin microbiome with Kombucha & Probiotics

Kombucha & Probiotics

The Kinoko skin care series is a magical blend of kombucha and probiotics whose primary function is to support and harmonise the microbiome of the skin. On our skin, there is a diverse bacterial population, an ecosystem which will thrive and stay healthy if nourished. 

Regarding skin care, the smartest thing you can do is support the natural operations of the skin. 

Harmonize the skin’s own microcosm with probiotics and kombucha

Magical Face Cream

Encouraging and invigorating cosmetics with kombucha and probiotics

Kombucha is a real quarterback when it comes to increasing skin health and radiance. Because it’s filled with antioxidants it fights efficient free radicals that cause premature aging and even kombucha itself has an antiglycation activity that keeps skin youthful and radiant. Kombucha includes lactic acid bacteria, which might be more familiar as a soothing gastric medicine when traveling to exotic countries. In skincare lactic acid gives the skin a light exfoliation, reduces fine lines, dark spots and even and out the complexion of the skin in general.

 Kombucha Beauty 

Kombucha balances and invigorates the skin. It contains lots of organic acids and vitamins which make the skin clear and balance the structure of the skin. The anti-glycation technology in kombucha prevents the aging of the skin and makes the skin elastic and youthful. 

The probiotics nourish and strengthen the natural microbiome of the skin, keeping the balance of the skin in harmony. The probiotics work effectively against skin problems, such as impurities and infections, by boosting and nourishing the good bacteria of the skin. As a result, you can experience the wonders of skin care with kombucha and probiotics and feel harmonious and confident in your skin!

Magical Face Wash


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Good thoughts are half of your skincare routine.

Your own attitude and way of thinking affect the skin condition, which is why positivity and appreciating yourself are essential for the well-being of your skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it gives real-time information regarding the condition of our body – the well-being of the body and the mind are connected. Kinoko turns everyday skin care into an experience which gives pleasure, welfare and confidence. The routines give rhythm to everyday life and create a sense of security within the hecticness. In the long run, the skin care routines promote mental well-being. The Kinoko skin care routine makes you invest time in the most important thing – yourself. 

Create your own ritual

The Kinoko skin care ritual encourages you to prioritise and take time for yourself. What if the everyday activities, routines and rituals were a positive thing? The moments you spend in the best company, yourself, caring and pampering. We at Kinoko believe that every face wash can, at best, wash some stress and worry away while the facial serum nourishes self-esteem as well as the skin.