Kombucha = Fermented fizzy tea that combines yeast and bacteria

Kombucha balances and invigorates the skin. It contains lots of organic acids and vitamins which make the skin clear and balance the structure of the skin. The anti-glycation technology in kombucha prevents the aging of the skin and makes the skin elastic and youthful.

Fermented ingredients have gone through a process, where bacteria, yeast or microbes have been added in order to change the chemical structure. The fermentation process usually requires patience and a period of sitting and aging, during which the flavor and texture changes dramatically over time.

Fermented ingredients are more compact and concentrated, which is why they penetrate the skin more effectively. That’s why fermented ingredients are highly appreciated in skincare. The fermentation process of kombucha strengthens the naturally occurring combination of probiotics, antioxidants, vitamin C and  B vitamins which protect cells from damage. Fermented Black Tea (=kombucha) is rich in antioxidants which result in radiant and clear skin.

Kombucha and probiotics nourish and strengthen the skin barrier, and boost the skin microbiome with good bacteria. Skin microbiome consist of thousands of different bacteria species, which keeps our skin ecosystem healthy and nutritious. So the most clever thing to do in skin care is to support our natural occurring ecosystem in our skin, skin microbiome,  by using supporting ingredients such as kombucha and probiotics.  Kombucha is a great way to maintain a healthy and happy skin microbiome. In practice it will prevent infections, maintain an acidic skin pH and keep the moisture level optimal for good bacteria. Adding kombucha and probiotics to the skincare routine will benefit anyone, but especially people suffering with inflammatory skin problems, such as eczema, rosacea and acne.